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Household Carpentry

Household Carpentry is always a chore to do. Worse, if you just don't have the talent or tools. That's where we come in - we can handle those chores for you! You just installed carpet and all the trim doesn't fit right? Or, you want to adjust some doors in your house so they fit better?

We know the feeling! That's why we provide Household Carpentry. It can be challenging. If you happen to watch any of these home improvement shows, you'll notice most of these handymen will have just the right tool for the job. We may not have every tool in the box; but, we've been doing this long enough to know how to accomplish what's needed without taking forever to do it. Our time is precious to us also. We come in, assess what you need and get it done as quickly as possible

Carpentry services

Need some kitchen drawers repaired? Tracks are broken or they're not staying attached anymore to the drawer or the frame? We can fix those! Or, you've purchased some new cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom and want them installed by a professional - that's us! Again, we have the tools and the ability to make sure everything is squared up and installed to your liking.

Are you thinking, “Is there a carpenter near me I can trust with the skill to get the job done right?” Well, wonder no more! With our years of experience, our home improvement skills and experience, you'll find the professionalism you expect and the attention to detail your home deserves.

You've been wanting to update your den with some nice bookshelves or perhaps add bookshelves to your living area. You provide the design of what you want, we'll arrive at a fair price and get it done for you.

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