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Maverick and Moore Home Improvement is based out of Bowie County, TX and serves customers within a 100 mile radius, near me.

Our Handyman Services specializes in small construction type needs - Remodeling, Decks, General Improvements, Household Carpentry, Bathrooms, Boat Docks, Porches, etc. 

Maverick and Moore can handle any of these needs for you.

Handyman Projects

Front Porch

Many people would love a front porch or deck for their home. They want to sit outside and relax while resting and watching the world go by. Maverick and Moore Home Improvement will create that special Front Porch or Deck just how you want it.

Take a look at our Decks and Porches Page for some ideas

Swing Seat

How often have you looked outside and wished you had a nice comforting swing seat to sit on and while the day away. Some help with building a Playset? These are real projects for the novice since it has to be square, strong and trustworthy.

We can build this Swing Seat or Playset for you. Take the stress out and enjoy it.

Boat Dock

Boat Docks - when was the last time you built one? As in all projects, they look easy and simple. However, we've all learned the hard way. That's what Maverick and Moore is for - we make life better - for you!

We know what it takes to build a sturdy, reliable Boat Dock

Fence Building

Fence Building looks pretty easy until you try to do it yourself! Why stress over all the tools, posthole digging, measuring, leveling and just doing it in a straight line? We know what it takes and can accomplish this project for you so you can enjoy the enclosure quickly.

Perfect for animals to keep in - or others out! Privacy? Whatever your needs!

Wood Carpentry repair

Like most people, we all have several projects that need to be taken care of. Again, like most of us, we either don't have the time or tools or ability to do a carpentry job and have it look professional.

That's where Maverick and Moore come in. We can help you with your Household Carpentry needs.