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Hot Shot Transportation

Hot Shot Transportation is your answer when you need something delivered, picked up or hauled. We have the equipment and knowledge to do it for you. 

We have a 5th Wheel Coupling Device for our Pickup, all sizes of ball fittings for a straight trailer or camper. We've been doing this for years and know what it takes to haul trailers, 5th wheels, flat trailers, horse trailers, dump trailers, etc. etc.

Horse Trailer Transportation

Horse Trailer

Great example of why you need to have this service in your phone!! You have a horse or rodeo show to go to. You've been planning this trip for months. You are already and excited to attend some really awesome show. You go out to hookup your truck for the trip and it won't back up? Won't release the brakes? Engine is leaking water from the head gasket? 

Doesn't really matter what is wrong - it's wrong!! Now what do you do?? Call Maverick and Moore and we'll get you there.

If we have to travel overnight, we do. We are very particular where we will stop and rest for the night. We always make sure the rest area or parking lot, etc. is well lite and doesn't have narrow roadways, curves or dead ends. We want your needs to be secure and safe. Whatever the load is, we take care of it. Even just stopping for fuel can be hazardous!  We make sure there is plenty of room to make turns, park, get fuel and back on the road safely.

Our driving record is clean, fully insured with a Million Dollars Coverage and never had any damage or accidents. Accidents do happen - that's why they are called accidents, but we do our darndest to make sure your property/load arrives safely.

Before we start actually moving whatever your cargo/trailer is, we make sure it is all secured, has good and working lighting, safe tires, etc. If something is extra large or wide, we know how to get permits too. 

We don't want any trouble while your belongings are under our care! We also have backup equipment, if needed!

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